SCARP is represented in the ERA-ENVHEALTH Research Database

The ERA-ENVHEALTH Research Database is an information exchange tool created by the ERA-ENVHEALTH project. ERA-ENVHEALTH is a “Coordination Action" co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) to support further development of the European Research Area (ERA). It involves 16 partners and 4 consultative organisations from 11 countries. 

The ERA-ENVHEALTH Research Database, completed by Environment and Health (E&H) research programme managers, contains details of more than 51 current and past E&H funding programmes and more than 464 projects in Europe. The database provides a unique source of material for environment and health scientists and policy-makers to access data on current E&H research projects, to identify potential research partners.

Consulting data is free of charge, but users cannot claim property rights on the data in any shape or form and some fields and records may remain confidential. To consult the ERA-ENVHEALTH Research Database you may click on the link below:
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