Field Excursion Workshop


13-14 April 2010, south of Sweden
17-18 June 2010, north of Sweden

Two Workshops (field excursions) were carried out within SCARP (terrestrial ecosystem effects) to collect field data for ecosystem modelling. These two field excursions are part of a series of workshops where the modellers and experimentalists within SCARP work together on measured and modelled data.


Visiting eight intensively monitored forest research sites in Sweden to collect data for input to the ecosystem model ForSAFE-Veg. Photo: Sofie Hellsten


Digging at each site to collect soil samples. Photo: Sofie Hellsten


Pit, 50 cm deep. Soil samples were collected at each soil layer. Photo: Cecilia Akselsson

Soil samples

The soil samples were collected in plastic bags for further analysis. Photo: Sofie Hellsten

The team

The field team (both modellers and experimentalists): Lasse, Sofie, Annika, Cecilia and Salim. Photo: Anna Strom

What happens next?

The eight intensively monitored and/or manipulated sites will be simulated with the model ForSAFE-Veg, with focus on N leaching, plant community composition, or both.

Another workshop is planned (October 2010) to assess the modelling results, together with the experimentalists.

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